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Pneumatic Conveyors

Extensive fleet of standard and stainless steel pneumatic conveyors (vacs)

Capable of transferring up to 90 tons of product per hour

Some are equipped with stainless steel components for food-grade products, plastics or other sensitive materials

Many are equipped with high-rail gear and couplers for railroad access and are capable of pulling and pushing railcars. These have six car length transfer capabilities.

Other vacs are trailer mounted to facilitate easy mobility to other job sites

Conventional Conveying Equipment

Conveyors and augers of all lengths

Stainless steel under-car conveyors, belt conveyors and coal/aggregate under-car conveyers

All Terrain Transfer Equipment

Forklifts with paper clamps and slip-sheet attachments

Skid loaders with both bucket and fork attachments

L90 and L70 Volvo loaders equipped with 3.5 yard buckets, 4-in-1 buckets, fork attachments, 5 yard buckets, double-dump buckets and forks with grapple attachments

Hitachi track hoe with thumb attachment

Screening Plants

Up to 10,000 bushels per hour capacity with magnetized cleaner and can be used for direct rail car or truck loading

Portable scalper


Shaker screen with magnet

Diesel powered screener with magnet that is portable and self-contained

Portable Boiler Plant

Completely self-contained with 35 hp boiler

Equipped with various pumps for use with chemicals, petroleum products, food grade commodities and more


4-WD service vehicles for access to any job site location

Twin-screw straight trucks with all purpose dump box and cat trailers

550 late model semi-tractors

Standard dump trucks with cat trailers


1200 trailers company wide including flatbeds, vans, reefers, hoppers, drop decks and lowboys

130bbl. vacuum tanker

6500-gallon stainless steel food grade liquid tankers

1525 cu. ft. blowoff tankers for dry bulk and plastic commodities

Hydraulic beaver tail trailers with ramping capabilities

Vactor/Guzzler Trucks

Equipped with hydraulically operated suction boom and bag house filtration for wet or dry material

20-yard debris tank and high rail gear

Support Equipment

Confined space entry hoist and retrieval system

OSHA approved manlift with three way power

Air compressors with up to 175 psi constant

Banding equipment of all sizes

Dock plates and ramps

Portable light plants

Portable generators

Gen. sets, both 110 and 220 volt

Portable fuel tank with 500-gallon capacity

Shrink/stretch wrap equipment

Self contained respirators (SCBA) and associated gear and pumps

Pallet jacks

Gravity rollers

Oxygen and gas testers/monitors

2-way explosion proof radio communications

Portable 30-foot rail yard ramp

Auto ramps

Mobile Office/Shop

On site office trailer with self contained power supply, shop area, tool room and bunkhouse for job site security

Mobile Shop/Supply Trailer

Service trailer with air compressor, welder, generator, cutting torches with associated tools and safety equipment

West Side allows for rental of some equipment.  Please contact us directly for more information.