West Side Salvage, Inc., headquartered in Atkins, Iowa, is a wholly owned subsidiary of West Side Unlimited, Corp. For more than 30 years, West Side Salvage has developed qualified personnel and equipment to serve and accomplish salvage recovery operations of any size.

West Side was started by the Vogt family in the 1960s for the business of salvaging grain spills at train yards. As the business grew, the company acquired and designed equipment to accommodate customer needs. In the 1970s, the founder's sons took the company reigns and now Don Vogt acts as C.E.O. and Chairman of the Board.

From a pickup truck salvaging small amounts of grain, Don has grown his company into a multi-faceted corporation called West Side Unlimited Corporation (WSU). WSU is comprised of multiple businesses including West Side Salvage, Inc., West Side Transport, Inc. and West Side Grain Sales, Inc. West Side Transport has grown from one truck to operating almost 500 trucks and over 1,260 trailers. West Side Grain Sales, Inc. has multiple grain elevators throughout eastern Iowa. When working large jobs, each division compliments another and works together to get your job done.

The accomplishments of West Side Salvage range from a single railcar on-site transfer, 30-car general freight derailment, 40,000 bushel bin cleaning, multi-million bushel storage disasters to full discharge of oceangoing vessels. We have worked several natural disasters from the clean up of businesses in Cedar Rapids following the 2008 flood to cleaning a wide range of places following hurricanes Ike and Katrina. Our remarkable growth along with our commitment to the best equipment, extensive employee training and attention to safety has earned West Side Salvage the respect as being one of the largest, most diversified and well equipped salvors in the United States, as well as other countries.